HEALTH, SAFETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Integral to every business


Health, safety and the environment are of critical importance at any site and once again RLSA carries significant experience, including advisory roles in:

  • Mining – Olympic Dam Expansion
  • Telecommunications – the National Broadband Network, Australia’s largest infrastructure project to date
  • Media – News Corp South Australia, serving approximately 800 employees

HSE is a complex undertaking that can seem daunting to some operators. Partnering with RLSA means you can get on with what you do best, knowing that your HSE component is being taken care of by experts with the credentials and qualifications needed.

RLSA – experienced, qualified and capable in HSE. Services and qualifications include:

  • Development and implementation of WHS programs to increase capabilities
  • Coordination and implementation of training programs, including identification of training needs, facilitation of WHS training needs analysis, training delivery, scheduling, coordination and record keeping to ensure workers are competent to undertake their job safely and managers posses the necessary skills to fulfil their responsibilities.
  • Cert IV in Occupational Health and Safety
  • SAI Lead Auditor
  • ICAM
RLSA – a commitment to environmental care

RLSA is deeply experienced in remote and sensitive site management regarding environmental care. From minimising the environmental impact of our own plant, equipment and products to advising on overall site management, we offer a complete site service as needed:

  • Liquid and solid chemical spill prevention including specialised bunding
  • Tank and equipment failure prevention and failsafe containment measures
  • Comprehensive management, removal and disposal of material and chemical waste


Make no mistake – HSE problems can hurt your team, harm the environment and shut down your site as readily as any major equipment failure. Trust RLSA to keep your HSE running smoothly.
Heath and safety equipment