Rubber Lining Services Australia unashamedly takes its quality inspiration from the progressive leaders in the field. Prior to founding RLSA, Director Brenten Dwyer had the privilege of working with a wide selection of specialist providers to the mining, resource and telecommunications industries. Those who set the quality bar high left a lasting impression.

From the first days of RLSA, Brenten has worked to outfit his company with every quality certification demanded by the industry; something that he considers simply the ‘base line’ for a progressive business. The result has been rapid growth from a handful of employees to a team of 18, creating world-class products in a dedicated RLSA plant at Seaford, Victoria.

RLSA’s QA and QC work is conducted by a NACE CIP Level 2 qualified inspector. NACE CIP 2 qualification ensures competence in advanced inspection techniques and specialised application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete, using both non-destructive and destructive techniques. NACE CIP 2 also ensures competences in surface preparation, coating types, inspection criteria, lab testing, and failure modes for various coatings, including specialised coatings and linings.

Our inspector is trade-served and qualified in the installation of Vulcanized Rubber Linings. This brings to the RLSA plant over 30 year’s worldwide project experience in rubber lining of all types, and expertise in autoclave and in-situ vulcanization rubber lining techniques.

RLSA’s inspector has worked on high calibre projects for companies such as Alstom, Siemens and BHP, while ensuring high quality and compliance to QA and QC standards such BS 6374 and DIN 7716.


“We are continuing to grow and build an enviable reputation within the industry. Every move we have made as the business has expanded has been aimed at maintaining the highest quality standards as we strive to further improve delivery times. Our focus and the high standard of our personnel ensure a quality job is delivered every time.”

Brenten Dwyer
Director, Rubber Lining Services Australia

Quality accredited for the mining industry.