Rubber Lining Services Australia (RLSA) is a growth business owned and run by Brenten Dwyer and Nicole McKay-Dwyer and employing a team of around 20 capable and qualified people who share their values.

Brenten Dwyer, Director

Nicole McKay-Dwyer, Director

In creating RLSA, Brenten and Nicole sought to model the business on the service attributes that have gained their own excellent reputations throughout Australia and beyond over the years.

RLSA offers the experience and flexibility to integrate into a site or project environment, taking on one or more roles in:

  • Rubber Lining service provision
  • Project supervision
  • Estimation service provision
  • Team leadership
  • Training and mentoring
  • Quality assurance

Rubber Lining Services Australia exists not simply to provide a maintenance service for your site or project but to help improve your operation overall through enhanced asset reliability, streamlining of processes and upskilling of teams and individuals.

Quite simply, partnering with RLSA can help your business achieve its deliverables in challenging times through genuine versatility, broad capability and unique insight into the details that really make a difference.

“RLSA has grown through reflecting our own values and skills”, says Brenten. “In our time working with mining and resource clients, we have found that what clients really want rarely falls within a narrowly defined scope of services. What’s really valued is a trusted provider that can respond quickly, offer the versatility of a project support specialist, and be trusted to help keep projects running to schedule.”