THE RLSA ADVANTAGES – quicker turnaround, total quality control, exclusive performance products.

Premium quality products delivered on schedule. Optimisation of your plant as well as your people. RLSA is constantly evolving and growing to deliver benefits for your business. Take advantage of a total service that’s trusted by leading Australian and international operators and delivered from a dedicated, all-in-one facility based in Seaford, Victoria.


 RLSA is proud to be the exclusive Australian market distributor for premium quality Polycorp engineered elastomeric products.

RLSA for your plant:
  • Rubber Lining service provision, with sandblasting, painting and autoclave curing in one dedicated plant for rapid turnaround
  • Rubber lining integrity inspections and reporting
  • Research and Development – modification, adaptation and design of rubber components
  • Fabrication and lining of rotable spares
RLSA for your people:
  • Project supervision
  • Team leadership
  • Training and mentoring
  • Quality assurance
RLSA works in:
  • Mining – locally and offshore
  • Quarries
  • Quarantine facilities, including horse recovery rooms
  • Food manufacturing specialist conveyors and scales